Will Arsenal buy a defender?

The most asked question among all Arsenal fans today is if Arsenal will buy a defender or not, but with Arsene Wenger is always the same old story, as the experienced Frenchman will wait for the “right opportunity to come”.

Arsenal was defeated in the dawn of new season, on their home ground, against a big rival, Liverpool. The result was 4:3, but it could have been much worse for the Gunners, since Liverpool led by 4:1! Almost whole defense is out because of injuries, so Callum Chambers and Rob Holding, who came this summer as a future perspective from a team which was relegated from Championship, had to try their best to save Arsenal’s net. They failed, along with their more experienced colleagues, not once, not twice, but four times!

However, Arsene Wenger wasn’t concerned after that defeat, and he gave his usual statement to the press – Arsenal was unlucky with injuries, he believes in the players and he will buy if the right player, for a reasonable price, of course, comes on the market.

The right player for Wenger is Shkodran Mustafi, the German international who currently plays for Valencia. The problem is – his price isn’t “reasonable”. Reportedly, Arsenal already made an approach and offered 25 million pounds for the defender, but Valencia’s asking price is 30 million and not a penny less! Arsenal is currently unwilling to pay that amount and, like numerous times in the past, it won’t be surprising for them to give up on the German and turn their head to other players.

His replacement could be Simon Kjaer, who currently plays for Fenerbahce and he should be cheaper than Mustafi by 15 million pounds, which qualifies him for a solid reinforcement in Wenger’s book.

However, most of the people feel that Kjaer doesn’t have the quality to play as a first team regular in Arsenal and think that Wenger should bite the bullet already and pay Valencia’s asking price for Mustafi.

History of Arsenal’s transfer activity taught us that the least possible solution for the most clubs – not buying a cover player, although it is clear that current players can’t cope with the expectations – is always the most probable option for Arsenal.

So, until first choices on the centre back position recover, Holding and Chambers will cover that position and it is possible that Arsene Wenger will even use young Bielik on that position, who arrived to the club last season as a defensive midfielder.

Arsene Wenger is currently the manager with the longest run on the bench of one club in Premier League and in every season he finished in the top four and competed in Champions League. This season might be different, since seven clubs are competing for the title on paper and if Arsenal performs like they did against Liverpool throughout the season it will be very hard for them to fulfill their goals.

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