Tom Brady remains suspended for the first four games

Tom Brady remains suspended for the first four games of the new NFL season, after his appeal to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was denied.


More than a year ago Roger Goodell suspended New England Patriots quarterback for four games. After a very costly investigations League has come to the conclusion that Tom was involved in deflating the balls before the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts. Media called this DeflateGate and in the past year we get the real soap opera. Brady and the NFLPA sought justice in court. According to them, Brady had not done anything illegal and the Commissioner had exceeded his authority. The Court ruled in favor of the quarterback, so Brady did not miss a single game last season. However, the league has appealed on that. U.S. federal appeals court, consisted of three members, ruled in favor of Goodell, adding that the Commissioner acted in accordance with the Collective bargaining agreement. NFLPA and Brady have appealed the ruling to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and asked that their case be heard in front of all 13 judges but were rejected, so there is a big possibility that Tom will miss the first four games of the new NFL season.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a fighter who does not admit defeat. However, one of the best players in the history of the league is left without options. Brady may appeal to the Supreme Court, but it is unlikely that he will benefit from that. If he decides to go with that, Brady risks being suspended sometime during the season, if the Supreme Court confirms the suspension. Therefore Brady, New England Patriots and the NFLPA must be very careful and wisely choose their next move.

Jimmy Garoppolo

If Tom Brady is suspended, Jimmy Garoppolo will take the team in the first four weeks. This will be a real test for the player who threw only 20 passes in his NFL career. The task for Garoppolo is not going to be easy one. Patriots open the season against the Arizona Cardinals, a team that has a fantastic defense. This is followed by a duel with the Miami Dolphins, the divisional rival who made a lot of changes this preseason. In the Week 3 Garoppolo will play against JJ Watt and Houston Texans, while the Week 4 he will face Ryan brothers and Buffalo Bills. All opponents have a very good defense, so the pressure on young Garoppolo will be huge.

New England Patriots

New England Patriots were the undisputed rulers of the AFC East, but this season will have big problems to defend the throne. In the absence of best player of the others will have to take a big step forward. From Garoppolo is expected to keep the ball safe and hit the open players. Ground game must be perfect and offensive line will need to be much better than last season. However, under the greatest pressure will be the defense. From Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower and Devin McCourty is expected not only to keep the Pats in the game, but to win it. Patriots certainly have a good defense, but anyone who finds himself on the field will have to give its best.

Tom Brady is in a very difficult situation. The match against the Commissioner is almost lost, but Brady has the ball. It is late in the game, and Tom has to decide will he try the Hail Mary in order to defeat Goodell, or will he accept the fate and miss first four games.

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