Tom Brady – DeflateGate Shadow Over Brilliant Career

NFL draft just ended and it should be the main topic, but a big fuss rose about the event that occurred in January, and the epilogue is hard punishment for Tom Brady and New England Patriots. For reminder, in the AFC Final of the conference, in which the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts with 45-7, the winning team was accused for tampering.

NFL takes very seriously the rule that everyone should play under the same conditions, and any violation of this will be severely punished. It’s no secret that teams and players sometimes used in illegal acts to gain an advantage, and that sometimes goes unpunished. Now, the ruling NFL champion and one of the greatest players in the history of this sport is under the spotlight because of things that happened cold January night at Gillette Stadium. The Colts have complained that the footballs that Patriots used in the offense were deflated, which in halftime measurement proved to be true (the pressure in 11 of the 12 balls was below the minimum). Footballs were then inflated and the Patriots convincingly celebrated, but a violation of the rules of the game was detected. After the game Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have argued that there is nothing controversial in their victory, and that the ball deflated due to the low temperature, but the league has decided to initiate an investigation.

Because of the seriousness of this investigation commissioner, Roger Goodell, decided that a neutral person should conduct it. This job was given to the Ted Wells, a highly respected lawyer. What he discovered was that the Patriots equipment manager was with balls after they have been inspected by the officials and that then he probably used that opportunity to put some air out of the footballs. Violation of the rules is documented in the messages that are members of the New England Patriots staff exchange. But even more shocking is that revelation that Super Bowl MVP and a legend of this sport Tom Brady was involved in the scandal. According to Ted Wells, chances are that Brady was aware of the breach of the rules, even that he took part in it. In the report he says that Brady did not want to cooperate, did not want to hand over the mobile phone and access to the correspondence with the staff members that was caught on tape. League reacted to that by suspending Tom for the first four games of the new NFL season, while the franchise based in Foxborough, Massachusetts have to pay a million dollar fine, and forfeited their pick in first round of next season’s draft and the pick of the fourth round for the year after that. According to information received from Brady’s camp, famous quarterback will appeal on suspension because he claims he did not do anything wrong.

Almost immediately after the report went public, there were mix reactions among fans of American football. It’s no secret that Brady and the New England Patriots are not loved by many and that in the last 20 years they participated in several scandals. But now the attack is on career of player who has no stain in his career. It is a big thing when someone calls you a cheater and that is how Tom Brady is labeled. He came into the league on small doors and with hard work became one of the biggest stars of the NFL. Great on gridiron, steady and calm outside the field without big scandals, Brady is an example for all athletes. Now all this is not important. People do not talk about that in the era of Tom Brady the Patriots become a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. They do not talk about records that Tom laid, or about four Super Bowls that arrived in Massachusetts. The story is about a crook who betrayed the trust of teammates, coaches and fans. Brady did not give the phone to view and thereby made it clear she’s hiding something. This will not affect his is Hall of Fame status, but Brady will have to live with a label DeflateGate gave him, a cheater.

Ted Wells report has left everybody in disbelief, but Tom and New England Patriots continue to receive support from their fans, as well as a large number of former players. They know Brady the best they are unanimous in to state that Tom Brady is not the cheater. Before each game Tom Brady elected ball, so the question is why would he ordered that those balls deflate below the limit allowed? Those who believe in Brady’s innocence in this process argue that there is no strong basis for the penalty and that this hunt on Patriots. In addition to this Brady’s manager is looking for new investigation in which will be proved that Wells’ report is inaccurate and that his client did not do anything wrong.

Tom Brady is not the only one under the spotlight, as Roger Goodell is monitored by the public. NFL commissioner found himself in an awkward position, because it is supposed to assess and impose adequate punishment to the Super Bowl champion. Goodell is not the most popular person in the league and his every move is closely monitored, so he had to defend his status with hard punishment, but also because wanted to send a message to other teams in the league. Commissioner is very close with the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, but that did not mater. Team from the Boston area believes that punishment is too high, but they will not appeal.

New England Patriots open a new NFL season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team will be without Super Bowl MVP. This affair thrown a shadow over the brilliant career of one of the best in history and it is certain that no one would watch Tom Brady with the same eyes, but everyone should know that the rules must be respected, and this is applies to all!

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