Suarez near winning Golden Shoe award!

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez is very near winning the Golden Shoe award for the 2015/16 season! With several fantastic performances in April and May, Suarez cruised to the top of the goal scoring list in Spain, sailing past Cristiano Ronaldo, who is probably his only rival in that race.

With only one match to go, Suarez has four goals of advantage over Ronaldo and Higuain – Uruguayan striker scored 37 goals so far, while both Ronaldo and Higuain, former teammates, scored 33 goals. If we look solely at the players’ goal tally, in between them is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored 35 goals in Ligue 1 currently, but because of the lower factor of that league (1.5 compared to 2.0 in Primera, Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League and Portuguese Primeira), he is only sixth in this race, behind Jonas from Benfica, who scored 31 goals, and Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, who scored 29 goals.

If we look at the goal scoring table in each of the five best leagues in Europe, we will see that the most interesting race is in Premier League. There are three players inside one goal of margin – Harry Kane is leading the way with 25 goals, while Sergio Aguero and Jamie Vardy scored 24 goals each. There is one more match to be played and the race for this award will be fierce in the last round. Aguero will probably have the most chances to pick it up, since Manchester City is the only club out of those three which still have competitive goals in the last round.

In Germany, Robert Lewandowski will be the best goal scorer. He scored 29 goals, while Patrick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund scored 25 goals. Lewandowski’s teammate, Thomas Muller, was the third most efficient player in the league with 20 goals scored.

In Italy, Gonzalo Higuain dominated over his opponents. He scored 33 goals, while Carlos Bacca and Paulo Dybala were joint second on the list, with only 17 goals scored.

It was similar in France, where Ibrahimovic scored 35 goals, Lacazette was second with 21, while Cavani scored 19.

In Spain the situation is rather clear, with Suarez leading the way with 37 goals over Ronaldo who scored 33. Messi so far scored “only” 26 goals and this is one of the least efficient Primera seasons in his career, so besides the Golden Shoe, many experts believe that Luis Suarez will lift the Golden Ball award for the first time in his career and interrupt Messi-Ronaldo dominance, lasting eight years!

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