Sinisa Mihajlovic took over Torino

A few days ago, Sinisa Mihajlovic became the new coach of Torino. Mihajlovic replaced Giampiero Ventura, who spent last five years on the bench of the team from Turin.

Torino finished twelfth last season in Serie A, which is not good enough for the ambitions of the club. However, this is not the main reason for the change at coaching position. It is known that Antonio Conte will leave national team of Italy after European Championship. Conte is already promoted as new boss of Chelsea, so Italian bench will remain empty. One of the main candidates for that spot is none other than Giampiero Ventura. Toro did not wait long to find new coach. Soon after departure of Ventura, Torino hired Mihajlovic as new head coach. Previously, Serbian coach fully terminated his contract with AC Milan, which opened the door to take a new club.

Sinisa Mihajlovic began his coaching career as an assistant at Inter and Torino is sixth club in Serie A where he will work as the head coach. Mihajlovic was on the bench of Bologna, Catania, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, and last season he started as AC Milan’s boss. Sinisa is supposed to represent the future for the Rossoneri, but before the end of the season he was fired because of poor results in Serie A. It did not helped Mihajlovic that he led AC Milan to Coppa Italia, nor the fact that Diavolo will play in Europa League next season. Serbian coach did not take long to find a new club, and under his leadership Torino should become competitive in the fight for a place that leads to the European competition next season.

Last season was very turbulent for Sinisa Mihajlovic. AC Milan is one of the biggest clubs in Europe, but has long been in crisis. The arrival of a young, promising coach is what team needed to return to the glory days, however this did not happen. Sinisa has signed contract for two seasons, but already at the start all could see that it will not be easy for him to establish his system in AC Milan. In the beginning he confronted the players. Mihajlovic likes high intensity workouts and appreciates the hard work, and that did not fit best with some players. On the other hand, there are the players who felt that they deserved more minutes on the field and they had no problem expressing their dissatisfaction publicly. Finally, there was Silvio Berlusconi, the owner of the club who had no problem to get involved in coaching job. However, early in the season Sinisa enjoyed absolute support of the club. It did not last long, because after the first bad results Mihajlovic came under enormous pressure. Berlusconi invested a lot last season in the signing of new players with desire to see his club in the Champions League next season, and he was not prepared to suffer defeats. With bad results Sinisa got in problems, and the Italian media week to week talked how he will be replaced. Finally, AC Milan again changed coaches, and Sinisa lost his job, but he did not wait for long to find new one.

Sinisa Mihajlovic got the opportunity to work in a club that has a tradition, but there are no so grate ambitions as it was in AC Milan. This is an ideal opportunity for the Serbian coach to show his coaching skills, and there is strong believe that with additional signings he could lead Torino to European competition next season.

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