Roger Federer will miss Roland Garros

Roger Federer has announced that he will miss the upcoming Roland Garros due to injury.

After losing in the semifinals of the Australian Open, Roger Federer injured his meniscus. The injury came out of the court, when the Swiss played with his twin daughters. He had surgery on that knee, and after that tried to go back to court, but first he had problems with stomach virus. Today, he is having problems with his back. Because of injuries Federer missed almost the entire season on clay and on tournaments he played Roger did not leave the impression that he once ruled the world of tennis.

Roland Garros will be the first Grand Slam tournament without Roger Federer since 1999, when one of the best players in history of tennis missed the US Open. Since then, Federer enrolled 65 consecutive appearances at major tennis tournaments. Roger has done everything in his power to play in Paris. He backed out of the Madrid Open, just so he could extend rest and recovery. Federer even arrived to the City of Light before other players in order to get some training and do several test of his skills before the tournament. However, it did not give desired results, so Federer has been forced to withdraw from the appearance in the tournament which he won in 2009.

The word that was most often used after Federer withdraw from Roland Garros is retirement. Roger Federer will turn 35 in August. During a very successful career, he had no major problems with injuries, but this season he cannot manage to avoid them. Due to injuries, he missed the tournaments in Indian Wells, Miami and Madrid, while at the tournaments in Monte Carlo and Rome he did not look like the player who was once number one. All of that started the rumors that Roger Federer will stop playing tennis professionally. However, Fedex put an end to all of this with post on his Facebook page, where he clearly expressed his regret that will not play in Paris this year, but he also announced that he will return to the Roland Garros next season.

Roger Federer is one of the best athletes of today. During a very successful career, he managed to cope with opponents and to set standards in the tennis world for generations to come. This season, Roger does not fight so much on the field as much out of it. Time is taking its toll, and he has more problems to remain healthy. However, the world of sport is full of stories about players who were at the top and then they fell just to go back out of everything stronger. Why that could not be Federer’s story?

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