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Primera: Can Villarreal and Atletico finaly score goals?

After draws for Europa League and Champions League Villarreal and Atletico Madrid play maybe the best match of this Primera gameweek at “El Madrigal”.

Match between fifth and seventh team in the Primera are always considered as good games, but now you have even more important duel. Both temas are slightly underperforming and are looking to play better in coming weeks.

Atletico is certanly satisfied with draw for Champions League where they’ll play Bayer Leverkusen, while “Yellow Submarine” will play againsta AS Roma in Europa League.

This game will not have a lot of goals. Traditionaly Atletico Madrid and Villarreal play defensive football and when they meet we rarely see more than two goals. In last seven games that these opponents played there was at most two goals.

We couldn’t decide to suggest you to bet on final result. In last six games both teams won twice and they had drawn matches two times. Atletico are certanly favorites, because they have better teams and Villarreal haven’t scored in last three games.

If you think Diego Simeone’s man will come out of this away match as winners odds are 1,93, but if you think home tema will win your winnings will be much higher. Odds are fantastic, because 4,65 is really big for the team that has same number of wins in head to head duels in last couple of years.

We would definitely suggest to you to play 0-2. As we said last seven games finish with 0-2 goals, Villareal has a lot of difficulties scoring goals this season, with their top golascorer Nicola Sansone bagging only five goals this season.

Both teams on the other hand play excellent defensive football. If you dare, you can try with 0-1 too.

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