Malcolm Delaney refused a rich offer of Barcelona

One of the best guards in Europe, Malcolm Delaney refused a rich offer of Spanish Barcelona, because he wants to try to win a contract in the NBA. Catalan powerhouse has offered to the former player of Lokomotiv Kuban contract for three seasons, worth a fantastic 5 million dollars, however, Delaney decided to risk.

Outstanding performances which Delaney provided in the jersey of the Russian Lokomotiv Kuban during the previous season did not missed the scouts on the other side of the Atlantic, and reportedly most interested in his services are the Brooklyn Nets. However, is a long way from training with NBA clubs to guaranteed contract with the club. Several less wealthy European teams engaging American players after the last cut in the NBA in October, and if Delaney fail to succeed to impose himself in the strongest basketball league in the world, risks to pursue a career in a less ambitious club and a lot less money than he would have earned in the case that he opted for Barcelona. Simply, the richest European clubs by that time close their rosters, and the value of player in this period significantly decreases.

Malcolm Delaney previous seasons has continuously played at a very high level and has become one of the most sought-after guards in Europe. Just completed season was also the best of his career. He averaged 16.3 points, 5.5 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game on 31 matches in the Euroleague and was the most responsible for the historic placement of Lokomotiv Kuban on the Final Four tournament of the Euroleague.

A former student of Virginia Tech University patiently built his career in Europe, after he was not selected on NBA draft in 2011, although he had a very good statistics during a college career. He first appeared in France in the team of Elan Chalon, after which he spent one season in the Ukrainian Budivelnyk, where he was noticed by the scouts of Bayern Munich, where he finally got the chance to prove himself in the elite European competition. From the start has emerged as a leader of the German team, and during the period spent in Russia was the most important player, which affected the confidence of great shooter, who wants, like many compatriots to return to the United States, to prove that can play basketball at the highest level.

Due to his ambitions, Malcolm Delaney this summer gave up big money in Europe, hoping to like the few US players one day play in the NBA. Some of them have succeeded in its intention, like Joe Ingles, Patrick Beverly and others, while others were sentenced to a minor role, after which they returned to Europe. Soon we will find out in which group belongs Malcolm Delaney.

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