Luke Walton is building the new Los Angeles Lakers

Luke Walton is building the new Los Angeles Lakers and they will be modeled after Golden State Warriors, where he worked from 2014 as an assistant. On the first days of the free agency Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng arrived to the City of Angels, which raised many eyebrows.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers are for one of the largest and most influential NBA franchise. However, in the last three years the Lakers are in the crisis. In that period they are humiliating 65-181 and now they have to to make big changes. The first star of the team, Kobe Bryant retired, a new coach came to town with a clear vison of the new team. Los Angeles Lakers did not go to after the big NBA stars. Instead, Luke Walton decided to build the team around D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle, and a lot is expected from rookie Brandon Ingram. The good news is that Jordan Clarkson will remain part of the Lakers, after he signed a five-year contract worth 50 million dollars. However, the franchise from the City of Angels had decided to strengthen the team with two veterans.

Timofey Mozgov

Since January 2015, Timofey Mozgov was a member of Cleveland Cavaliers. Last season team from Ohio won the championship, but he did not made a great contribution to that. During last season he averaged just over 6 points per game, while in the playoff he hardly played, averaging just 1.2 points per game. However, despite this, the Lakers have decided to offer an extremely rich contract to Russian big man. Mozgov, who will turn 30 this year, has signed a four-year contract worth 64 million dollars. Analysts have already characterized this move as a disaster, but Luke Walton believes that Timofey can be the player who will give his team the advantage under the hoops.

Luol Deng

For 13 years now Luol Deng is the member of the best basketball league in the world. He spent bigger part of his NBA career in Chicago Bulls, where he played very good basketball. Last two seasons he was the member of Miami Heat. During the 2015/2016 season he averaged 12.3 points and had decent shooting percentage from the field. Luol, who plays small forward, signed a four-year contract worth 72 million dollars. This is a remarkable figure, especially if you take into account that Deng is 31 years old.

Moves that Los Angeles Lakers made do not seem logical. They overpaid two mediocre players and that’s why many believe that they will not bounce back this season. However, Luke Walton had a vision to make of the Lakers like Golden State Warriors. He sees Mozgov as Bogut, while Deng should have a role that is Iguodala has with the Warriors. For now, these moves do not seem logical, but Walton and the new Los Angeles Lakers have whole season ahead of them to prove to everyone wrong.

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