Lamar Odom is fighting for his life

Life writes drama, and the drama only word that can describes life of Lamar Odom. Famous basketball player is currently hospitalized and fighting for his life.

Lamar Odom was born in 1979 in a troubled family in Queens, New York. As a child he met with major problems, as his father was a heroin addict who was paying little attention to the family. His mother died of colon cancer when Lamar was only 12 years old. Troubled childhood left a mark on Lamar, but he managed to find the salvation in basketball.

Los Angeles Clippers were the first team where Odom played. Lamar was chosen as the 4th pick in the first round and he was supposed to represent the future of the franchise from the City of Angels. Odom played the power forward position, and he was fast with a good three-point shot. A particular problem for the opponents was the fact that Odom is left-handed. The greatest successes in his professional career he achieved in the jersey of Los Angeles Lakers. With the famous franchise he won two NBA Championships and gained the status of the real star. After leaving the Lakers started his decline, and played three more years for the Dallas Mavericks and Laboral Kutxa.

Lamar Odom was unable to transfer success he had on the court to his life. The death of a child is something that influenced him a lot. His one-year son died in his sleep of SIDS. Odom is headed in the wrong direction and more was heard of him as a celebrity than the famous basketball player. After that followed marriage with one of the Kardashian sisters, Chloe, and his participation in the reality show. The marriage did not last, and Lamar is going in to the wrong direction fast.

A few days ago Lamar Odom was again was the main topic in the tabloids. Once a great player was found lying unconscious in a ranch that serves as a brothel for famous clientele. Odom was hospitalized and doctors are fighting for his life. According to information coming from the United States, Odom is critical. It is not officially announced, but it is believed that Lamar had a stroke. Currently, the hospital and doctors have trouble to bring in the normal functioning of the heart and kidneys.

A large number of athletes across the United States sent a message of support and prayers to Lamar. The Los Angeles Lakers are in shock over what happened, and the club is canceled training. Great support was given by the Magic Johnson stressing that Lamar is a great man who had a very difficult life. According to the Lakers’ legend, Odom was always there for his friends and he gave himself completely.

It is believed that Lamar Odom was struggling with depression for his entire life. There are some information that he used cocaine to cope with all the problems. Lamar won many matches and I hope that in this most important game he will come out as the winner.

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