Kevin Gameiro on the crossroads

Kevin Gameiro, prolific Sevilla striker, is on the crossroads and he will reportedly transfer to either Barcelona or Atletico Madrid in the forthcoming days.

Kevin Gameiro, who joined Sevilla from PSG in 2013, has decided it is time to move on. Although Sevilla refused all offers for their striker at the beginning of this transfer window, it seems they have changed their mind. According to some reports from Spain, Sevilla negotiations with Barcelona over Gameiro are entering the final phase. Additionally, Atletico Madrid is allegedly also in the race and maybe they are the side which Gameiro prefers, since he would receive more playing time in Simeone’s side.

On the other hand, Luis Enrique sees him as an ideal backup for the Messi – Suarez – Neymar trio. Barcelona has the ultra talented Munir El Haddadi to cover them already, but it seems he is still inexperienced to be the only man behind the trio. Luis Enrique clearly said that Barca is looking for a more experienced striker for a backup and Gameiro’s profile fit in perfectly.

Gameiro knows that in Barcelona he will be only in a squad rotation, without a more significant role, while in Atletico Madrid he would be a first team regular. If he has that dilemma, it will be solved in the next couple of days, with Barcelona currently in advantage in the race for his signature.

But, is Gameiro the perfect fit for Barcelona? It is clear why they are after him – his pace and ability to find gaps in the space between opponent lines, as well as excellent finishing are qualities imminent for a Barcelona forward. On the other hand, Gameiro is turning 30 next year, so he won’t be a long term solution, and he isn’t cheap either, it is hard to imagine that Barcelona would get him for less than 30 million Euros. Also, he is injury prone; in the last season, when he got the most playing time since 2011, when he was still playing for Lorient, he immediately picked up an injury.

There is one more quality which Gameiro possesses and that is probably the biggest reason why Luis Enrique wants to sign him – he is a “super sub”. In his two years in PSG and prior to the last year in Sevilla, Gameiro mostly started matches from the bench, but he had a huge impact on a match almost every time when he entered. Three years ago, when he was subbed in 25 out of his 35 appearances, he scored 15 goals, which was rather impressive. Kevin Gameiro is also great in cup competitions and he was one of the key man in every Europa League trophy Sevilla won in the previous three years.

All things considered, Gameiro should be a solid choice for Barcelona in the next two years.

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