Kevin Durant will join Golden State Warriors

The biggest star among free agents, Kevin Durant, decided to sign with Golden State Warriors.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the league. Since he arrived in the NBA, Kevin draws attention with unbelievable parties. Durant plays small forward and he is a born shooter. During the eight-year professional career he was four times NBA scoring champion. KD once took the MVP title, and it is almost impossible to imagine the All-Star weekend without him. However, despite all the individual awards Kevin Durant wants more. Kevin wants the NBA title, and he is convinced that he cannot win it with a team on his back, so he made a change.

The Interest

This year Kevin Durant has become a free agent, and it caused a huge interest among the some of the best NBA franchises. Los Angeles Clippers were the first team that made contact with KD, and they done everything in their power to bring him. Kevin visited the City of Angels, but did not stay in it. San Antonio Spurs were hoping that the winning tradition of the team and one of the best coaches in the league will be enough to lure such a great player. However, Durant did not seriously consider moving to Texas. Boston Celtics have gone a step further. They asked prominent players in other sports to help them recruit Kevin to play for this legendary franchise. So is Tom Brady took social networks to influence the Durant’s decision and Kevin almost ended up in the green jersey. Nevertheless, KD has decided to move his talent to the best team in the West.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors won the race for Kevin Durant, but overnight became the most hated team in the league. That usually happens when a team has too many quality players. Now the roster that includes Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala become even stronger for one big NBA star. It is expected that Kevin Durant signs a two-year contract worth about 54 million dollars and bring something special to the team that set new record for most wins in the regular season. Durant’s arrival will certainly affect the Warriors game. There are a lot of players who want the ball, and that started the jokes that Warriors will need more than one ball in play. In addition, the Warriors will have to make changes in the roster. Team from the Bay let Harrison Barnes go, and it is expected that Andrew Bogut be traded or released. However, this is a small price to pay for a player who will bring additional quality to the franchise that wants a new title. What may be the problem is the target that is now on the Warriors back. Each team will now want to beat them, and in beside that the Warriors will have to fight against the enormous pressure and expectations of their fans.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder lost the first stars of the team and the future of the franchise that the previous season was at the top NBA does not look so good. Russell Westbrook now needs to take Durant’s role, and it will not be easy, as the roster is not so good. The previous season, Russell and Kevin were the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now point guard will have to do all alone. However, this is not a long term solution, as Westbrook is set to become free agent next season and he has no intention to remain on the team that has no chance for the title. Therefore, with the departure of Durant, Thunder could trade Westbrook and have a fresh start.

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