Josh Norman will play for Washington Redskins

Josh Norman, one of the best defensive players from last season, will spend the next five seasons playing for Washington Redskins.

Carolina Panthers reach Super Bowl last season and a good part of the credit for that goes to fantastic defense. One of the main components of that defense was none other than Josh Norman, who last season played his best football. He was practically an unbeatable for the opposing wide receivers. He finished the season with four interceptions, giving him the best success in one season. One of the striking moments last season was his duel with Odell Beckham Jr., when Josh brought to the madness talented wide receiver of New York Giants.

After a season from dreams it was time for Norman to get paid as top players on his position. Carolina Panthers hesitated to give him that kind of money and the reason for that is his age. Josh is 29 years old and for four years he is the part of the NFL, but he has just one good year behind him. Panthers wanted him to stay, but not at any price. Having failed to reach a long-term agreement, franchise from Charlotte put franchise tag on their cornerbacks. In Panthers hoped that in the coming months will be able to negotiate with Norman to take less money. However, Josh insisted on being paid as the best cornerback in the league. He wanted to receive between 14 and 16 million dollars per season, and Carolina Panthers were not willing to give so much money to the player who is now at the peak of his career. Panthers withdrew franchise tag and Josh Norman became a free agent.

It did not take a long for Norman to find a new team. Washington Redskins were the first stop now free cornerback. Jay Gruden knows that his defense needs a playmaker and Josh Norman is a perfect fit. In the Capital did not want to let Norman to go until he signed a contract, and they fulfilled all of his expectations. So Josh Norman became the highest paid cornerback in the league. Now a new player Washington Redskins signed a five-year contract worth 75 million dollars, of which 50 million dollar is guaranteed. In the first two seasons Norman should earn 36 million dollars, as this figure is fully guaranteed, and then Washington Redskins have room to cut him, if it does not meet expectations.

Last season, Josh Norman kept players like DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, T.Y. Hilton, Dez Bryant and Julio Jones on only 9 receptions for 89 yards. It is expected from him to continue in that rhythm, and already at the start of the season he will have the opportunity to show his talent against the best receiver in the league. However, everyone is waiting for the two matches when he will set across from Odell Beckham Jr., and the stakes will be much higher now, because of the Redskins and the Giants are expected to battle for the NFC East.

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