Euroleague Rising Star in the Oklahoma City Thunder

Another young player goes to the NBA

Alex Abrines, Euroleague Rising Star is another player who goes to the NBA, and the career will continue in the Oklahoma City Thunder. The talented swingman will sign a three year contract with the Thunder, according to which will earn 18 million dollars. The best young player of the Euroleague in last season averaged 9.9 points and 2.2 rebounds per game with a solid field goal percentage for slightly more than 19 minutes on the floor.

Abrines will leave the ranks of Barcelona three years before the expiry of the contract, and the Catalan club for his buy out will earn 2 million euros. He will be the second Barcelona player who this summer moved to the NBA, and before him did so point guard Tomas Satoransky, which has stepped up the Washington Wizards.

The exodus of talented European players has become the trend in previous years, but now it seems that almost every possibly quality player can get his chance in the strongest basketball league in the world. Having in mind the announced growth of the salary cap, it seems that this practice in the future will further continue.

The young Spaniard has very good mechanics of shot, good moves and reads the opposing defense, and if he keeps to work on its shot can become a constant in this segment. He has extremely high basketball IQ and has a solid instinct. Is aggressive player, and thanks to athletic predispositions and explosiveness has the potential to finish at the rim. It seems that he will adapt well to the NBA, considering that is very good on the open court and in transition. Also, 23-year-old Abrines play with great confidence and is very rational for his age. He is constantly active in defense, pressing shooters, is active in the game without the ball and knows how to take players on defense. In fact, solid defense should be a major asset in his rookie season, when he could become a legitimate member of the Thunder rotation. The only flaw in his game at the moment is the lack of consistency, which can easily compensate with an exercise.

Although European basketball is left without another talented player, consolation prize for Barcelona could represent the fact that they will earn money that will enable them to engage Victor Claver, given that Valencia asking 2 million euros for his compensation. Meanwhile, European basketball will boost the American players who have not won the contract in the NBA and one more season we will be able to enjoy the games of talented basketball players which this summer have not left Europe.

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