Dario Saric four seasons in Philadelphia 76ers

Gifted player after two years in Europe goes to the NBA 

The young Croatian player Dario Saric, who was selected as the 12th pick in the draft of 2014, the next four seasons will spend in the Philadelphia 76ers. Saric will for four seasons to earn 10.5 million dollars and in Philadelphia was welcomed as a big star. Although the 22-year-old basketball player had the option of next year to sign a contract with the Sixers, when he earned a lot more money due to the increase of salary cap, in a statement to US media he pointed out that to the representatives of the club promised to step up the club this season.

Saric its huge potential announced several years ago, when he played for Cibona, which did not escape the biggest European clubs. All-Round forward already in his 20th year became the leader of Croatian club, with whom he unexpectedly won the ABA league, and in 2013 and 2014 was named FIBA European Young Player of the Year, which had previously succeeded and Jonas Valanciunas and Ricky Rubio.

Although Saric two years ago was selected from a high position on a draft, decided to stay for some time in Europe and signed a contract with the Turkish Anadolu Efes. During two seasons in Turkey, Saric had trouble adapting, but above all with the fact that is not the first star of the team, especially in his first season, although he recorded several impressive games.

What Sixers fans can expect from one of the European most talented players is great game in team defense, aggressiveness on the jump, an outstanding court vision and a large number of assists as well as a solid shot. Saric in start will have problems in the post play, primarily because of the lack of power compared to NBA players, but this is a segment that can be fixed working on his body. Although not a player characterized by the explosiveness, he very mobile and a lot of points score in transition. He has very good technique for his height and often playing face to basket, which can pose a great advantage if he plays at the power forward position.

In Philadelphia are hoping to benefit from Saric from the start. In the club believe that the young Croat matured as a player and physically over the past two years and is ready to show its full potential. Sixers stand behind a season to forget, but next season will be stronger for Dario Saric, but also for the first pick of this year’s draft, Ben Simmons. There are already players like Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel, so if young group create good chemistry, the team will in the coming years definitely be ready to lurk a place in the playoffs.

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