CSKA trying to keep Nando De Colo in Europe

Following the recent completed Final Four tournament of the Euroleague, at which the Moscow CSKA won the trophy after a break of eight years, now they will face another difficult task, and the management of the club is trying to keep the first scorer of the Euroleague, Nando De Colo in Europe. Namely, after his return from the NBA in 2014, polished French combo guard has signed a contract with CSKA for the 2 seasons, plus one that is optional.

For this purpose, the management of the club headed by the President Andrey Vatutin is prepared to the MVP of the Euroleague and MVP of the Final Four offer a fantastic 3 million euros per season in order to persuade him to remain in Moscow. However, after a fantastic season, De Colo wants to return to the NBA, where there is also a lot of interest in his services, and one of the most serious candidates is a team of Denver Nuggets. Although in the first mandate in the NBA De Colo had a modest playing time in the San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors, in the meantime has matured as a player, and it seems that the coach Dimitrios Itoudis found him the right role in the team. The coach of CSKA has freed De Colo of the job to transmit the ball and organize the offense and confided him the role of executioner, in which French phenomenally coped and deservedly won the award of MVP of the Euroleague. However, all this probably would not work at such a high level that he did not have along with him Milos Teodosic, which is the brain of the team, and which was largely responsible for the fantastic statistics of the French national team player.

There is no doubt that Nando De Colo expects bittersweet when it comes to his career, and now with the right may require a guaranteed playing time and a role in the majority of NBA teams. Otherwise, his return to the NBA seems pointless, because it is important for every player to play. Wealthy Russian club without major problems can compete with the NBA offers, so the money will definitely not be a decisive factor. However, it should wait for what will say in the Denver Nuggets, and what plans for the next season has the franchise from Colorado, and can easily be happen that Nando De Colo rejects Russian millions and once again try his hand in the best league in the world.

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