Brazil disappoints at the start of the Olympics

For a long time Brazil does not represent a force in the football world and now, at the start of the Olympic Games, they once again disappointed their fans.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are held in Rio de Janeiro and many believed that this was an ideal opportunity for Brazil to get redemption for everything bad that happened to them in the past two years. Everybody in Brazil still remember convincing defeat against Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup. After that footballers prepared another negative surprise their fans. The elimination in the group stage of the Copa America was a huge shock for all and the wounds after the failure still fresh. The Olympic Games are supposed to be a cure, and that announcement of better days for Brazilian football, however, it seems that the nightmare continues.


Brazil did not score a goal in 180 minutes at the Olympic Games. Host of the Games competes in Group A, with Denmark, Republic of South Africa and Iraq. None of these teams have the reputation and renown as Brazil, so everyone were surprised the hosts played just goalless draw with the Republic of South Africa in the first round. Brazil had a great desire to win at the start of the competition, and they created many chances, but failed to score a single goal. The chance to improve the impression, Brazil players had against Iraq. Certainly team that comes from Asia is not a worthy opponent for the great Brazil, however, Iraq has managed to keep a clean sheet. Brazilian football players again were not sufficiently focused and now after two games have only two points.


Neymar is currently the largest football star that Brazil has. He is the captain and most experienced player in the team that defends the colors of Brazil at the Olympic Games in Rio. This is the reason why all expect miracles from him and why the failure is only his fault. The opposing teams pay special attention to Neymar, who has big problems to be dangerous in the offense. Therefore, the captain of Brazil is trying to assist to his teammates, but it did not give result. Neymar has become even more exposed to attacks as he refused to talk to reporters after the disappointing draw with Iraq. He is the leader of this generation and it was up to him to take responsibility, and explain the reasons for a new failure.  However, he did not do that, but switched the ball to his younger colleagues. Now, before the last round of Group A, he needs to raise his game and pull Brazil out of the crisis.

Brazil plays a decisive match against Denmark on Thursday at 3:00 am CET. Canarinho have to celebrate against Group A leaders to avoid a new elimination in the group stage of the competition.

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