Branislav Ivanovic and the ungrateful fans of Chelsea

Branislav Ivanovic is not playing the best football at the start of the season and ungrateful fans of Chelsea quickly turned against him, putting the most of the blame for bad results on him.

Chelsea is in crisis, and gray clouds over Stamford Bridge are not going anywhere. At the first sign of bad results the fans have forgotten all the good that happened in previous seasons. They are many players to blame for that, but one player has passed a lot worse than others.

In the qualifying match for Euro 2016 between Albania and Serbia, Branislav Ivanovic injured hamstring. The seriousness of the injury is not known, but what is strange is Chelsea’s fans reaction on social networks, as they celebrated that their played suffered injury. The season is saved, We are lucky, I feel orgasmic are just some of the reactions of the “faithful” fans posted on line just few minutes after Bane left the game with painful expression on his face.

Fans who celebrated Ivanovic’s injury on social networks have a very short memory. They forget that Bane arrived at the club in 2008 and it quickly became one of the best defenders in Europe and irreplaceable in Chelsea. Yes, Ivanovic is not playing his best football at the start of the season, but that is not the reason to forget all the good he has done for the club. Fans of Chelsea forget the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League in the 2011/2012 season and games against Napoli. In the first leg in Italy Napoli celebrated with 3–1 and then came the second leg at Stamford Bridge. The Blues won that game with 4-1. The goal that sent Chelsea into the semi-finals scored the player with the number 2 on the back. Ivanovic was an important factor in the remaining two matches and Chelsea for the first time in history won the title of the best team in Europe.

If that game against Napoli in London was not enough for Ivanovic to become a legend, then what happened in Amsterdam a year later should be. Chelsea again played in the final of a major European competition, but this time it was the UEFA Europa League. The opponent was Benfica, a very experienced team. Chelsea took the lead, Benfica equalized and then in the third minute of stoppage Branislav Ivanovic scored with beautiful header and brought second major European trophy the Blues.

However, today all of that is forgotten. Chelsea’s fans, if they can be call that, protected behind nicknames and avatars, think that they have right to insult the player who put their beloved club on the top of Europe. The life of a professional athlete is full of sacrifice and reward is not always adequate. Each injury can significantly affect the career, but those who are hiding behind keyboards do not understand that and they never will.

Who are these fans of Chelsea? These are the same people who not so long ago wished brain tumor to their player. These are people who in Paris made racist outbursts. The greatness of the club is not the money that will buy the best coaches and the best players. Size of the club is not only measured by trophies, but loyal fans that support their team and its players in difficult moments. Apparently, fans of Chelsea do not do that.

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