Australia seriously bedeviled United States

Boomers were close to the sensation

At the Olympic Basketball Tournament within the A Group Australia has seriously bedeviled United States. Boomers were close to the sensation against the absolute favorites for the gold medal and were in the lead at half time, but Carmelo Anthony played a fantastic match and brought the third victory to his team with the score of 98:88. In framework of the third round in Group B, France in uncertain ending defeated Serbia with 76:75, while Venezuela was better than China with 72:68.

In Group B, Nigeria afflicted huge problems to Lithuania, but were left without power in the second half, while the Lithuanians played much better and prevented surprise and triumphed with 89:80. Derby match between Argentina and Croatia belonged to Manu Ginobili and his teammates, who throughout entire match controlled result and eventually won with 90:82. Third round in Group B will be played during the day, when Spain will have the opportunity for their first win in the tournament after two unpleasant defeats in the last moments.

The situation in Group A after the completed third round is now quite clear. The United States as expected will occupy the first position, while Australia, which surprised France and Serbia, group stage will finish in second position. Players of Mike Krzyzewski had to give their best to beat inspired Australian team, and one more outstanding match has played experienced forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony ended the match with 31 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals, and at the same time became the top scorer of the United States in the Olympics. On the list scorers he has surpassed the legendary David Robinson and now leads the eternal list of scorers with a total of 293 points. The star of the New York Knicks fourth time participate on the tournament, won the gold the previous two times, and if the United States again triumph at the Olympic Games he would become the first player with three gold medals.

From the start of the Olympic tournament Boomers have made clear that they will be very uncomfortable rival and pointed candidacy for a medal. They also had by far the toughest schedule in the group, so in the remaining two meetings await duels with Venezuela and China, which will almost certainly resolve in its favor. Guards of Australian selection, Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova demonstrated skills and against the United States, and Andrew Bogut also played at a high level and excellent control the paint, especially in tandem with Aron Baynes.

The match between Serbia and France, though exciting, did not have a big competitive charge. The reason is very simple – the third-placed team in Group A would already in the semi-finals once again encountered with the United States. Both teams had on the court acted reserved, even though players did not give an impression of calculating. The victory of France in this match does not mean almost anything, and the defeat of Serbia is not fatal for the rest of the competition. Both teams before the start of the competition had been ranked among favorites for a medal, but during the tournament played below expectations, primarily match against Australia. But let us remind that Serbia at the World Cup 2014 as the fourth in the group won a silver medal, and the rival in the semifinals been precisely the French, who had previously defeated Spain. It is expected that these two teams in the elimination phase start to play much better, so it’s still too early for a final assessment.

The situation in Group B is very complicated, due to the fact that have been played only two rounds, and because of equalized quality. Lithuania did not play too attractive in the first two meetings, but they achieved important victories against Brazil and Nigeria. Although on the first match worked quite convincingly, they allowed Brazil to reduce the difference and make the game uncertain. However, Lithuanians operate compact on the court, play hard and know how to achieve the result. It was especially noticeable in the match with Nigeria, which despite its very good release was defeated. Jonas Kazlauskas chosen ones only just in the coming matches expect temptations, but there is no doubt that experienced Lithuanians will manage to qualify for the quarterfinals.

It seems that the biggest disappointment of this part of the tournament is the national team of Spain. The team, which confidently prepared for another finals with the United States has failed completely and is still without a win. However, this should not much to fool, because the national coach Sergio Scariolo is the master for tournament competitions. Whenever you think that the Spaniards reached its zenith, Pau Gasol and his teammates start to play exceptionally and with fierce pace grinding opponents. This was proved on the previous Eurobasket, when the Spaniards in the last round qualified for the elimination round, and then won the tournament routinely. However, in another group are very strong teams so bad start can be fatal for the Spaniards.

Selection of the host after starting defeat by Lithuania played a very good match with the favored Spaniards and proved that to no one will not be easy in a duel with them. The next two matches will be crucial for Brazil, especially game with Croatia, which as well as Brazil has a half-hearted performance. Croats after a surprise at the start in the last round easily lose to Argentina, and this match will be very important for both teams. Bearing in mind that Lithuania and Argentina recorded two wins duel between Brazil and Croatia most likely will determine the outcome in this group.

Finally, we should not forget Gauchos, who are the oldest team in the tournament. After two victories are expected deadly schedule by the end of the group stage and it is quite possible scenario that Argentina after a good start left without placement to the quarterfinals. Although the match against Croatia demonstrated that Manu Ginobili, Luis Scola and teammates know to play hard and fighting, matches with Lithuania, Brazil and Spain will be physically very exhausting, and it is certain that the Argentines will follow closely match between Brazil and Croatia, after which they will have a clearer picture of the tournament.

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