Arsene Wenger confirmed Mustafi and Perez!

Arsene Wenger confirmed the transfers of Mustafi and Perez and surprised the English public, which thought Arsenal wouldn’t buy anybody, as per usual.

Centre back Shkodran Mustafi and winger/centre forward Lucas Perez successfully passed medicals and they will be announced as new Arsenal players in the forthcoming days. Both of them will probably be ready for the next Premier League match and that is especially important in Mustafi’s case, since most of the Arsenal centre backs are currently injured.

These players cost around 50 million pounds, which is a hefty price tag for Arsenal’s transfer policy, but if we look at the transfers of some other players, this can be even regarded as a bargain deal.

Shkodran Mustafi is a player who has been on the rise in the last couple of seasons, ever since he was called up to German squad as a replacement and battled to become a starting regular. He didn’t perform spectacularly well in Sampdoria, but in Valencia he had an excellent season and his price rose six times in only a year!

Mustafi really aggressive centre back with a great pace, which isn’t strange if we know he was playing regularly as a right back until two years ago. He isn’t strong or tall as a classic centre back, but he is tough player with a solid jump, so he isn’t bad in aerial duels either. His positioning is probably his best asset, as he tends to get in front of the attacker, intercept a pass, and immediately start a counter attack. Valencia scored many goals, some against very strong opponents from those counter attacks Mustafi started, but they were also destroyed in several matches because Mustafi risked too much with his attempts to intercept the ball, so it will be very interesting to see how Wenger will handle that in Arsenal.

Lucas Perez is pretty much an unknown player to a broad public, outside Spain, but he is a hell of a player! He scored 17 goals and added 10 assists in Primera Division last season and he led Deportivo to comfortable mid-table finish. He is 28 years old and he can be regarded as a late bloomer, but look at Jamie Vardy, who was one of the best players in Premier League last season and you will see that’s pretty possible and common these days. Lucas Perez is a left winger primarily, but he can also play as a striker and on right wing. His primary foot is left, but he can finish with his right foot from close range without any trouble. He is also a very selfless player, completely team oriented and he will be a fine asset to Arsenal squad. His characteristics are very similar to Alexis’.

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