Arian Foster signs with Miami Dolphins

Few days before the start of training camps, Arian Foster found a new club. He will play for the Miami Dolphins next season.

Arian Foster

In the last six seasons, Arian Foster is considered to be one of the best running backs in the league. However, injuries have prevented Foster to make a greater success in the NFL. Houston Texans signed Foster as undrafted free agent in 2009. The very next season Arian showed all his talent and became the staring running back in the franchise from Texas. He was difference maker for the Texans on the field. Very talented running back, who quarterbacks often used it in passing game, was giving opponents big problems. However, problems with injuries had major impact on Foster’s career. After a season in which he only played four games, the Texans have decided to release a player who set all rushing records for the franchise from Texas.

Miami Dolphins

After more than four months, Arian Foster has found a new team. He has been linked with New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions, but in the end Miami Dolphins were the ones who signed Foster. Franchise from Florida lost Lamar Miller and now needs a player who will bring the quality at the running back position. Before signing, Miami Dolphins needed to make sure that Foster is healthy enough and ready for the season. They liked what they saw, but are not willing to take risks with Foster, so they offered him a one-year contract. Media reports that he will earn 3.5 million dollars next season. That’s a big drop for the player who in 2012 signed with Texans a five-year contract worth 43 million dollars.

Stay healthy

Arian Foster will use next season in order to prove his worth. First, Foster needs to stay healthy. Injury of the Achilles tendon is the past, but he is a player who is prone to injuries so he must be very careful. From Foster is expected to be a third down back and to be primarily engaged in the passing game and protecting the quarterback. There is no doubt that his experience will come in handy to Ryan Tannehill, but in order to be number one running back, Foster will have to beat a lot of younger players. Another problem for Ariane is that he will turn 30 before the start of the season. Running backs at that age are slowly starting to decline.

By signing the Miami Dolphins Foster bet on himself. Arian will try to play his best football and thus attract the attention of all NFL franchises. It remains to be seen whether he will succeed in this and can he stay healthy during the training camp and season.

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